The Premise

Hear me, oh Dark Lord, if I am your son, if you say you are my father, let the slayers of my kin never reach their home; yet if they are destined to see their angelic host and their grand halls in the heavens, may they come there late and in sore distress, in another’s ship, losing all comrades, and let them find great trouble in their house.
— The last words of a dying priest

The world has been dark for a while, with small points of light emerging out of the wilderness. Adventurers are part mercenary, part explorer, finding ancient ruins with newfound magic, treasure and lore. Your character was likely living this kind of life, until one day, he started to remember a previous life as a warrior angel…

Through battles and campaigns beyond count we’ve carried out our sacred duty. However they came, wherever they stood we fought the enemy. The years passed, and our fame grew. The enemy would flee, screaming in terror, when our wings blotted the sky. The mere rumor that we had turned our eye to them would cause the greatest of the enemy to cower in the deepest darkest hole they could find, knowing even then that they were not safe. We were betrayed by a member of our group. Framed for the death of our allies, accused of working for the enemy we were judged, imprisoned, and tortured. Were it not for the Enchantress who claimed to know beyond doubt of our innocence we would still be rotting in that prison with our brothers and sisters.

The Enchantress explained that our betrayers had dark plans for the Prime Material Plane, and that an innumerable host of outsiders would be looking for us. That knowledge in hand, we allowed the Enchantress to send our souls to this plane. After years of mortal life we have finally begun to remember our true selves and found one-another. Now we must find and thwart our betrayer, clear our names, avoid the agents of the host sent to retrieve us, and deal with the repercussions of the mortal frames and souls we now possess.

As a player, you decide how much the “angelic” personality conforms with your mortal personality. Perhaps your angelic personality existed all along, and just now you’re beginning to remember the past. Perhaps in absence of grandiose memory your mortal personality is different, and chafes against the emerging angelic presence. Just make sure you’re able to cooperate with the party.

You recall the Enchantress’ first direction: Go to the Port City of Ithaca, where you will meet your past companions, and the adventure shall begin.

Side note: Stole/modified Vincent’s email. Thanks Vincent :)

The Premise

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