Overview and Tone


I expect a level of shenanigans consistent (or slightly below) our previous games. If we get crazier and you expect me to challenge you, D&D becomes Paranoid Contingency Checklist: The Game. And that’s no fun, at least not for me. Characters that make me happy include ones who function well if their “main trick” does not apply, who work well as a team, and who are reasonably close to each other in capabilities.

Vague campaign setting description

As of now I have a “generic D&D” backdrop in mind with a “points of light” feel. Think Iron Age politics and exploration (some city states, some empires, lots of wilderness and nomadic societies) with medieval military tech, and of course magic. Unlike in FR, high level stuff is rare (at least on the material plane). I intend to flesh out the details, and perhaps the basic narrative, with the group.

As far as how cosmology and setting affects your character, if you want to be a Cleric of X, or a setting specific PrC of organization Y, we can come up with a reasonable facsimile (or even name it the same depending on circumstances). But see below.

Togetherness, dammit

At the minimum I’m going to require that the players have a good reason they’re working together that lasts beyond the fixing of one particular problem. You don’t have to all be religious zealots of the same order (although I’ve done that before, and it was fun). You don’t have to have the same personality or alignment. But you do have to play nice with each other and have a reason why. Whether you want me to provide that reason or come up with it yourselves is up to you.

Overview and Tone

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