Non-circular initiative

Normally you roll initiative once at the beginning of combat, and it goes in a predictable circle for the rest of the fight. If you delay or otherwise muck with your initiative order it permanently changes until something else mucks with it.

With non-circular initiative, you re-roll initiative every round. Whatever your initiative was last round does not matter, whether you acted normally, readied, delayed, or didn’t act at all.

For reasonable initiative bonuses, the effect of this rule is as follows:

  • A little bit more rolling and number tracking.
  • A decent chance that you will act twice before an enemy acts, and visa versa.
  • The inability to predict exactly when someone is going to act, and to plan accordingly.
  • An increase to the benefit of delayed and readied actions.
  • Arguably an increase to the benefit of the initiative bonus. (I’d say this is only true if you have such a high initiative bonus that you know you can go first regardless of the d20 roll, which kinda defeats the purpose of the house rule. Cough cough.)

Non-circular initiative

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