House Rules

For your convenience I’m splitting these up into New House Rules, Legacy House Rules, and Potpourri (which covers minor tweaks). Those of you who play in Vincent’s game may still want to look through the Legacy House Rules as a refresher, or to catch my mistakes and omissions.

New House Rules

  • I explicitly reserve the right to postpone a rules discussion until the end of the session. I intend to exercise this right only if the discussion is both long and academic/obscure.
  • If you roll an unopposed skill check or ability check which has one fixed DC of 20 or higher, and you beat the DC by 20 or more, you may succeed “with a flourish.” A flourish is a minor mechanical benefit (or detriment to enemies) that I decide on the spot.
  • The use of bluff to lie can, at best, convince the target of your sincerity. Usually this is enough, but for “near impossible” bluffs the mark might believe you’re mistaken or insane. Also, the bluff and sense motive modifiers can be higher than listed on the table, depending on the circumstances.
  • Many spells lose alignment descriptors, for instance Deathwatch. Ask me for more details.
  • No death by massive damage.
  • If your class has an explicit behavioral mechanic, like a Paladin’s code, talk to me.
  • Classes who “must be non-[Alignment Type]” probably don’t have that restriction. Talk to me.
  • If a creature’s current hit points are between 0 and half of its (regular) maximum hit points, it is [Bloodied]. Those who can perceive a creature well enough to make out its features automatically know whether or not the creature is bloodied. Other ways of determining damage and resistance are still subject to DM interpretation.
  • Detect Magic changes to Pathfinder Detect Magic. Identify changes to Pathfinder Identify. If you don’t like clicking links, the big change is that detect magic identifies items like if you had an Artificer’s Monocle.
  • New as of 12/13/2013: If an effect based on Spell Turning (hereafter referred to as an “EST”) redirects a spell or power to someone warded by another EST, then the two parties involved suffer the effects of the table at the bottom of the Spell Turning description in the SRD, regardless the source of the respective ESTs.

Legacy House Rules

  • No multiclassing penalties.
  • Exploding d20.
  • Non-circular initiative.
  • Item availability follows a percentile system similar to the current system. I’m still working on this one. This relates to actual monetary purchases, not Intrinsic Wealth.
  • Rich Burlew’s Diplomacy Variant
  • No one has done [Insert Insane Trick] because it doesn’t work.
  • Full Magic/Psionics Transparency. The same applies to Incarnum, Binding, and other magical class features. Ask me for more details.
  • Size Modifiers to Hide apply similarly to Move Silently.
  • You can choose more spaces to end a charge. I forget how this one works exactly, help me out someone
  • I probably missed something. Let me know.


  • A manifester can have 1 + ML/5 (round down) astral constructs out at one time
  • Warlock SLAs do not have verbal/somatic components
  • Warshaper is limited to one extra natural attack form
  • Iron Heart Surge only deals with named game-effects such as Dazed or Shaken; it only removes the effect for the initiator; it can be initiated even if you normally can’t act/move, as long as the initiator removes whatever is impeding his actions/movement with Iron Heart Surge
  • Brew Potion also includes oils
  • Disintegrate can also remove a 10 foot cube from an object composed of living matter, such as a tree. This object can’t also be a creature.
  • New as of 12/13/2013: The Intercepting weapon enchantment (Forges of War) is changed in the following ways: The extra attack it provides applies only to the attack made in response to the opponent’s special maneuver. Extra attacks must be made by the enchanted weapon, and you can only use this ability – from any source – at most once per round (not that those two restrictions apply in a game with Intrinsic Wealth).

Especially Inane Potpourri has its own page.

House Rules

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