Duke Alfred

Alfred is a tall, portly human with brown hair and blue eyes. He is the wealthy duke of Ithaca, where “Duke” means “military leader and money manager beholden to various interests.”

The former adventurer is suited to the life of a Duke, in that his battle training works especially well against assassins. He isn’t very good at being an actual leader of men (outside of battle), but he is smart enough to see through financial trickery, and it’s hard to just murder him when he points it out. Apparently he gets paid well enough so that he doesn’t go back to the adventuring life.

He seems very eager to be cruel to his known enemies. Also, as you all may point out, he’s a bit of an asshole. But hey, politician.

He also seems somewhat beholden to the Church of Fharlanghn, and tight budgets. Related?

Duke Alfred

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