Character Generation

Most of the special character generation rules are legacy rules that the group prefers to keep. Some of these rules also appear in the House Rules section for completeness. When creating your character, keep in mind how that character is going to interact with the party as a whole. If you’re having trouble with this admittedly-complicated character generation process, feel free to ask me or one of your fellow players for some assistance. If you have any clarifying questions between sessions email works best.

The Basics

  • First party D&D 3.5 content is allowed. The rest is by permission.
  • Characters start with 6000 XP, just enough for ECL 4. EDIT: The campaign started at level 4, but has obviously progressed since then. Please see the Experience and Levels page for new characters’ XP, or more likely talk to me directly.
  • 40 point buy
  • All characters gain three general bonus feats at first level (in addition to the regular feat), and one at fifth level. These feats must meet regular prerequisites, etc.
  • Instead of rolling for HD, take 3/4 value. A d4 is 3, a d6 alternates between 5 and 4, a d8 is 6, a d10 alternates between 8 and 7, and a d12 is 9. The first HD is maxed as normal.
  • Mechanics that adversely affect other players, such as Frenzied Berserker’s frenzy or Wild Mage’s random deflector, or mechanics that force other players to act in a disadvantageous way in order for you to function, like certain Exalted Vows, require group consensus.
  • No multiclassing penalties
  • Intrinsic Wealth
  • Start with 1/4 wealth by level in liquid cash and unslotted/expendable items


Here are the basic Gestalt rules.

  • Apply Level Adjustment to both sides, Racial Hit Dice to one side.
  • You can’t have prestige classes on both sides of the progression.
  • Theurge-style feats and classes are allowed, but…
  • You can’t progress any class feature faster than you could normally with a non-gestalt, non-theurge-feat progression. This can get messy; talk to me if you’re confused.

Other Alternate Features

Character Generation

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