The Totem of Hanuman

The party fought back corruption, plagued beasts, and Halledrim the Shadow to save a dying old tree-friend who stored Hanuman’s angelic secrets long ago.

As Hanuman melded with his totem, it sparked angelic memories and hinted of his great past as scout, spy and messenger.

Hanuman is now aware of an incarnum-based component to the ritual. The ritual can channel energy to or from an aligned plane (through Hanuman). Incarnates have to choose the plane to which they are aligned; Totemists choose any alignment-specific plane. Hanuman also knows the ritual is intended for mortals to perform.

In Hanuman’s new angelic form, he gains the following benefits:

  • +12 Sacred Bonus to Hide, Move Silently, Spot and Listen
  • Hanuman can tag the Totem to gain any enhancements to his ranged weapon equal to market value +3. In addition, if he tags this effect, Hanuman is undetectable by “auto-detect” powers not covered by Darkstalker, including but not limited to touchsight, mindsight, lifesense, and treasure sense. Creatures with these abilities must use Spot and Listen as normal.

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The Totem of Hanuman

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