The Crown of Alithor

Found at the Aerie of the Sanctuary of Alithor the Herald after battling Astor the Terror. Like the point on The Map representing the Sanctuary, only Alithor can perceive the crown. The crown allows him to know a spell, whose only seeming purpose is as a component in a larger, ancient ritual…

Alithor’s angelic nature has been fully awakened, providing the following updated benefits:

  • +6 Sacred bonus to Charisma
  • The “Crown of Alithor” Aspect, which can be tagged (spending a fate point) to provide a powerful aura, adding an untyped bonus to saving throws equal to Alithor’s charisma modifier to all allies who can hear Alithor. In addition, for the purposes of resisting [Evil] and [Chaos] typed spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural effects, affected allies add Alithor’s charisma modifier to their effective hit dice. This does not affect game statistics other than when one checks for number of hit dice.

Also see Special Item Synergies

The Crown of Alithor

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