Specific Rulings

This space will generally document rulings made in-game. Update: In practice I mostly add rulings when we debate academic points that don’t actually apply in game, or I find debates online that irritate me. If you believe a ruling is incorrect, please email me between sessions and present your case. If I agree with your argument, I will usually change the ruling for future purposes only.


  • FAQ/Sage/CustServ is not RAW, nor does it lend credence to a particular interpretation of RAW. If the argument they use happens to be valid, then just use it sans citation.
  • When there is a contradiction, the rules text of an ability takes precedence over the “header” text, similar to the “text trumps table” rule.
  • Strict mathematical logic often defies a more standard reading of a sentence. In the same vein, I may decide that a sentence means X, while in mathematical logic it would mean Y. For instance, if you receive “one” [thing], that doesn’t mean you receive “at least one.” It means one and only one.


  • If two characters wish to delay until all other combatants have acted in the round, resolve as follows: (1) If combatant 1 is aware of combatant 2, but not visa versa, combatant 1 may act last. (2) If both combatants are aware of each other or neither combatant is aware of each other, the character with the higher initiative bonus may act last.
  • When a Warblade refreshes maneuvers and uses “a melee attack,” that must be one single melee attack, not a full attack.

Yes, grappling/raking gets its own section

I believe these are all clarifications instead of rulings (except pt. 2), but there you go…

  • Note the Rules Compendium text on Rakes (pg. 101): “A monster that has the rake ability […] can’t begin a grapple and rake during the same turn unless it has the pounce ability…”
  • Rakes don’t trigger automatically during a pounce. You must successfully initiate a grapple; then, because you have pounce, you get rake attacks on the same turn. If someone shows me a creature with pounce and rakes but no improved grab ability I will withdraw this ruling.
  • Entering a grapple doesn’t trigger rake attacks. It makes rake attacks possible as part of a full attack.
  • You must make a grapple check (and use the appropriate action) to leave a grapple. You may not have to roll, depending on the situation, but you always have to use the action.
  • New as of 1/17/2014: A grapple check is not a strength check, but it is a strength-based check. It is like an attack roll, but it is not actually an attack roll. Therefore things that add to strength-based checks in general add to grapple checks, but not attack rolls.


  • For the purposes of Protection From [Alignment], “ongoing control” means the caster must have some ability to direct the target’s actions after casting the spell. Otherwise the caster no longer controls the target. Example: Bob casts Sleep on Charles, and Charles fails his save. While Bob has forced Charles to go to sleep, he no longer directs Charles’ actions.
  • In order to target a specific effect with a targeted Dispel Magic, the caster must be able to perceive the effect. The caster can still targeted dispel a creature as normal.
  • Per Rules Compendium, Alternate Form grants bonus HP based on increases in Constitution (not Polymorph though).
  • New as of 1/17/2014: Mostly as a point of emphasis, Magic-Psionics transparency is the general rule. Anything that refers to a spell applies to a power. As of now the noted exceptions are metamagic/metapsionics, and caster level vs. manifester level.
  • New as of 1/17/2014: Designating targets with Wings of Flurry follows the standard targeting rules. This may be changed pending rules discussion/argument with Jeff.
  • New as of 7/9/2014: Spherical bursts and emanations centered on the caster (“you”) do not start at a hex intersection, because the caster occupies more than a particular hex intersection. The caster’s entire area counts as where the emanation starts. For instance, a 10’ emanation centered on a medium-sized caster is effectively a 15’ diameter sphere. (This prevents silly things like 10’ emanations being stuck completely inside of huge or larger casters).

Class Features

  • Primeval’s main ability apparently functions both like Wild Shape and Polymorph, which have some different rules. Considering its connection to Wild Shape it functions like Wild Shape.


  • Chainsaws aren’t swords. They’re saws.

Specific Rulings

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