Elemental Components

Elemental components are pure, intensely-concentrated forms of an element, only found in certain parts of the material plane. These components can provide a variety of functions to a careful collector.

These components require special containers just to exist as they are. If these containers were broken and the component was not immediately used up, it would expand outwards and unleash its elemental energies on the local environment. In fact, an elemental component can be used simply as a brutish mass-scale weapon to create earthquakes, firestorms, tsunamis, cyclones and other natural disasters… as long as the user can protect himself against the effects, or doesn’t mind dying with his victims…


  • A weapon, like above.
  • Replace a material component from another spell
  • Mitigate experience costs for crafting or other tasks (in certain cases)
  • Used as a component in The Ritual

Elemental Components

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