Champions of the Titan's Eye

S3: Journey to Alithor's Sanctuary

After deciding to free their slaves, with supernatural aid we leaped onto the pirates’ imposing ship and routed them all. One of their crewmembers, Harrod, turned out to be another angel who’d been cast into a mortal form, though this angel was not of the same host. In telling us his history of woe and personal failure it seemed that though not directly one of us this new angel may in some way be related to our current predicament.

After subduing the pirates we debated what to do with the survivors. Alithor vied for taking several days out of our travels to seek a port city where the criminals could be tried by a recognized human legal authority. Harrod agreed with Alithor. Hanuman wanted to strand the pirates on a desert island and leave them to their fate. Raguel argued for tossing all the pirates overboard and moving on with their business. The party succeeded in convincing Raguel’s angel that the crew had the right to be judged by their own society. We transported the pirates to a port city where they received trial. Their captain was allowed to speak on their behalf, but tried to use magic to influence the judges and was immediately sentenced to death. Alithor spoke on behalf of the pirate crew and convinced the judges to punish them with a life of hard labor instead of a death sentence.

Once we reached our destination, Fort Jotun, we learned from The Map that The Enchantress was nearby. From her we learned the story of our downfall and betrayal. The Enchantress told us of one host of angels tasked with guarding the mortal plane from demonic influence. They became famous champions among the mortals, using them to help stem the demonic tide on the material plane and construct a great bastion of light amid their most advanced empire.

By her word these angels made a pact with the demon prince Graz’zt to protect his spheres of influence and focus on other demons and demon-worshipers. In return the angels gained the favor of Graz’zt, and all the dark power that entails. Over time their association with Graz’zt and his kin corrupted the angels into monstrous reflections of themselves. Our group was eradicating a temple of Graz’zt when the fallen champions arrived to defend their demonic kin. In a difficult battle, we did not hesitate in putting them to the sword, as was our holy duty.

Through as-of-yet undetermined means our angelic brethren learned of our fight with the corrupted but knew nothing of their fallen status. Lies were spread that we had fallen, preying upon our brethren and destroying them, though we were attacked by corrupted demonic creatures who were no longer one of the Host. Soon enough we were imprisoned, but not before we hid… something. The Enchantress was not sure, but wanted to know what we found.

We’ve learned of only two others who know of our innocence. One is the Enchantress herself, though the means by which she became convinced of our innocence remains a mystery. The other is Harrod. We learned through the Enchantress that Harrod had borne witness to the truth of our conflict with the corrupted. Because he feared our accusers he kept his silence, and in doing so failed his sacred charge and lost the right to be counted among the Holy Host. This was the last information the Enchantress gave to us before revealing her true form and disappearing once again.

We continued on to Kalea’s Rest, the mountain top that we believed held some connection to Alithor. During the trip up the mountain we encountered several giants some of which we had no choice but to fight. One group Alithor was able to convince to abandon their planned raids in return for a large sum of money and his promise that the human farmers could be convinced to trade with them. Nearing the higher reaches of the mountain we encountered a baby silver dragon who was soon followed by its mother, who turned out to be Kalea.

Alithor and Harrod were quickly overcome by the dragon’s aura of power and fled in fear from the creature. Raguel was able to pin Alithor before he could get far. So it was Raguel and Hanuman that stood before the dragon, angry that adventurers were between her and her hatchling. In spite of Raguel’s gruff response, Kalea saw the honesty of his word, the valor of his purpose, and the honorable treatment of her child, and was moved to not only spare but aid us. She told us of a plague that afflicted some creatures of the mountain and offered a curative wand she believed would protect us against infection.

The dragon flew us to the crest of the mountain where an ancient monastery stood nearly lost to the snow. Within the monastery waited a contingent of constructs who seem to have been sent to find whatever Alithor had left there. We quickly dispatched these creatures before they could alert greater beings to our presence. Alithor was able to get us past the wards that protected the lower levels of the monastery. Once we learned that the monastery’s protection wards were based in language – a language Alithor then remembered inventing – there was no doubt this was once a Sanctuary of Alithor the Herald. In the depths of the monastery we found some undead and outsiders who all seemed to be infected by some plague of demonic origin. Before slaying a corrupted hound outsider, its jaw opened, emitting “It’s been so long…” without moving its mouth…



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