Champions of the Titan's Eye

S2 Quest for the Map

Having concluded our other business it was decided we needed to go to the lost temple of the Church of Fharlanghn to find the map of the local area. Duke Alfred informed us that a group from the thieves’ guild was also looking for the map and that they had left while we were dealing with assassins. While we were in Duke Alfred’s office discussing the mission he was attacked by a group of Shadows. We were able to get him away from them and to a temple. Two Shadows followed us and were destroyed by the Clerics. The rest were routed by Alithor’s Turn Undead ability, then subsequently tracked down and destroyed by the church.

The party set out from the city with the help of two guides. The first league of the trip was uneventful, then just before we entered the forest we were attacked by a pair of Dire Lions. The creatures proved a bit of a nuisance but were soon defeated. One of our guides refused to enter the jungle and claimed it was a place of certain death. In the jungle we had to deal with a group of monkeys that riled up a nest of centipede swarms and led us into an Assassin Vine. After dealing with their trap we killed some of the monkeys to encourage them to keep their distance. During the night we received word from a local druid circle that one of their own had gone rogue and may be a danger to anyone who traveled through the forest.

Continuing on our remaining guide led us to the temple. As we came within sight of the temple grounds each of us seemed to recall the temple of Fharlanghn as a populated structure surrounded by a thriving town. None of us were sure from where this memory came, and at the time we had more immediate concerns. It seems that the men from the thieves guild had reached the temple before us and were captured/killed by the rogue druid. Later we would learn that the druid was keeping them alive so that they would be fresh when he cooked and ate them. One of the rogues tipped us off to the druid being nearby in the form of a crocodile. We fought the druid and the many creatures he’d summoned with the aid of our remaining guide and those thieves guild members who still lived. We killed the druid, and let the remaining guild members go. A quick search of the church found the map we’d been looking for as well as a cache of treasure. We also found another map that showed the entire world and marked two locations, one of which differed depending on who was using the map at the time.

We left the forest and made our way back to town where we spoke briefly with the church of Fharlanghn and Duke Alfred. We were paid for the retrieval of the map and given a token designating our group as friends of the church.

Shortly after returning to the tavern we were contacted by the Enchantress (or someone we hoped was her since we had no way of confirming her identity). We were able to establish a challenge and password system for future contacts, but little else came of the meeting. We were interrupted by a Half-Elf we’d previously met during the encounter where bob the drug dealer was killed. It seemed the Half-Elf was a criminal and was concerned we were trying to move in on the local action. We settled that we are not criminals and weren’t currently concerned with criminal activities in the city.

From Ithaca we took a ship called the Mayfare, Captained by Lahin Ardeen (Human, Male). Omopolis was our first stop. Large walled city. We got a note from someone who signed themselves as The Man in the Lonely Tower. It contained a map to a location out of town and an invitation for the four of us. The tower was where the note said it would be. The door was flanked by two Iron Golems. Inside we met a Beguiler named Skippy and an Elan with no mouth. The Elan convinced Alithor to allow him to enter his mind and “unlock” some knowledge about the location we were headed too. We learned that the closest location had something to do with Alithor personally. Alithor borrowed a book on learning Druidic from the Elan with the promise of returning it one day.

A few days after leaving port we were set upon by pirates. Determining that we couldn’t outrun them we decided to lock the crew in the hold. Raguel kept the hold key on his person and told the captain to say that it was the party’s decision to fight not the crews in the event that the pirates couldn’t be dealt with. During the parlay we learned that the pirates used slaves to man the oars of their ship, and from there we knew we had no choice but to fight.



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