Champions of the Titan's Eye

S13: Fiends, Dragons, and Fire

Alithor, Raguel and Hanuman ventured forward to the next point in their memory, a dormant volcano to the northwest that contained pure fire to use in The Ritual.

On the way, Raguel noticed a series of explosions below the Sky-ship. The party decided to investigate and found a giant demon fighting a well-organized group of over 60 teleporting devils. The demon wielded terrible magics, a massive sword and a flaming whip, but the methodical devils slowly and surely tore the being apart without sustaining a single casualty.

Alithor questioned the Devils’ purpose on the material plane. He found that they were relatively simple, soldier-like devils, bound by someone with a long, dragon-like name, shortened to Linaro. They were bound specifically to remove demons and identify rifts in the material plane which opened up to the Abyss. Raguel wanted to tear the fiends asunder immediately, but Alithor wished to speak with their master, and convinced the devils to send Linaro a message.

The master arrived very soon after the Devils sent for him, appearing in human form. Again, Raguel wished to attack anyone who would bind evil outsiders, but Alithor wished to hear him out. After Alithor convinced the binder of the party’s innocence, he explained at least part of what he knew.

Linaro was spending most of his time closing rifts to the Abyss, where demons poured through without proper compacts, and destroying the demons who had already arrived. Apparently his “Legion Devils” were easy to call and quite skilled at destroying demons, when the devils were in large enough number.

He also stated his opinion that the Fallen Champions were, in fact, not directly responsible for the rifts opening. His divinations revealed that some other group of mortals had attempted to infuse Orcus with all the power of the material plane via The Ritual a few months back – shortly before our angelic heroes remembered any of their past – and their ritual had been interrupted by… someone.

The fact that Linaro did not know anything about how they were interrupted suggested the interfering party were highly protected against even god-level knowledge, which itself suggests the influence of Vecna. While the current situation is highly preferable to having no material plane at all, the catastrophe of a half-completed demonic ritual ended up opening rifts from the material plane to the Abyss… in an accelerating fashion.

Linaro stated that he was too busy to deal with all the mortals causing chaos on the continent. His time was spent divining, destroying demons, binding devils, and closing rifts. The devils, in his opinion, were a simple and effective tool. Raguel believed that any introduction of evil onto the material plane was a terrible offense punishable by death. Linaro mentioned something about it being in accordance with a compact, which the group recognized from their angelic past.

In spite of Raguel’s objections, the party did not attack the devils or the steel dragon, and they continued on their way. Linaro suggested that, should they find a rift, to destroy the demons and inform him.

While the party did not find a rift, they did find demons. Or rather, demons found them, teleporting in a somewhat-uncoordinated ambush. Raguel tore apart Hezrous and Nalfeshnees with ease while Alithor blasted with his wings and Hanuman shot away with manticore spines, but a small flying humanoid figure was attempting to charm him, and two massive figures approached from the ground.

The massive creatures were Goristros, huge minotaur-like demons with great power and toughness. In spite of charms and giant demonic attacks, the party methodically destroyed all but the humanoid figure, who jaunted away when all was lost.

Finally the party made it to a now-active volcano wreathed under clouds of ash caught in unnatural fire. The party had previously negotiated with the Enchantress some protections against fire, and so they could venture through the flowing lava with relative safety.

Here they found the fire-protected remnants of a lost lab with some interesting artifacts lying around. More importantly with some diving through lava Raguel found a side tunnel which made its way to an underground lair. The angels explored this lair and conversed with a voice in the tunnels, who explained that the group had intruded on its home. The angels, needing the element of fire, demanded to have it before leaving. The voice took offense at having to pay intruders to leave, and decided to attack the group.

The voice turned out to be a Sand Dragon, burrowing through the tunnels and taking pot shots with his breath of sand, with terrible stinging winds clinging to the skin, impeding movement and sticking in the area.

Ultimately, however, the party was able to ready itself for the dragon’s upcoming attack and nearly tear it to pieces. After which, the dragon retreated, and upon further exploration the angels found their prize, with a scrawled note in the sand to leave the dragon in peace. They did just that, and left to find the final component in the ritual…

S10-12: Make-up Recap
Journey to the West for the Pure Elements

DM Note: Haven’t done these in a while, so I figured I’d just do a compressed recap of the last few sessions.

So the angels had full knowledge of The Ritual. They knew it was open-ended and could do many things, and they also knew they would need additional Elemental Components to complete it. They traveled back to Omopolis to visit The Man in the Lonely Tower and The Enchantress, one to answer questions and the other to save Harrod from some terrible fate.

But first, they were attacked by relatively inept assassins. Skippy helped detect and reveal the ambuscade, some of the assassins teleported away, and the rest were easily taken care of. The party found the local crime lord who facilitated the hit, killed his guards, and interrogated him. Apparently there was quite a large bounty on the party, stemming from the western continent, that had found its way over to them.

They met the Enchantress, who revealed some additional information: First, to establish some more trust, the Enchantress spoke of her devotion to Boccob, the god of knowledge. She was interested in the injustice done to the party in particular because they held hidden knowledge that they were discovering through their journeys. She also mentioned that each of the Fallen Champions were doing something on the eastern continent, and all but Roderick the Swift were vulnerable to a scry-n-die style ambush with her help.

Astor the Terror was spreading the Demon Plague, and anyone attempting to stop him fled in fear – even Paladins. Merely approaching the Terror was going to be a difficult problem. Yeriel the Warlord was provoking the western nations into war, and using his own personal buffed army to utterly destroy any army that challenged him. The Enchantress also suggested that other fallen champions helped Yeriel destroy more powerful foes who opposed him directly. Halledrim the Shadow was quietly stalking around the continent, going from point to point, but the Enchantress wasn’t sure for what purpose. Roderick’s actions were even harder to track, as he was Teleporting everywhere, and her divinations could not reveal the Swift’s location or purpose, or much of anything about him.

Next the demon-slayers helped the Enchantress rescue Harrod from the lawful clutches of Inevitables. They were Gated to Harrod’s approximate location on Mechanus, which hosted an elite clutch of Formian defenders and enhanced Kolyaruts who were doing… something… to Harrod. Using Raguel’s great speed, the party avoided the Formians; then they took out the Kolyaruts despite being energy drained, knocked out Harrod and fled back to the gate, surviving by the skin of their teeth. The Enchantress suggested that Harrod might be able to recover, slowly, with her help.

Licking their wounds, they were met by a warforged who had found the group and was aware of their bounty. Not being superpowerful or a moron, he didn’t want to attack the party; he just wanted their help in “collecting” the bounty another way. This warforged was apparently quite good at acquiring information, but not as good at fighting; he found where the platinum promised on the party’s death was being stored, but he needed help destroying anything that might be guarding it. The party is still considering his offer.

After a brief visit to the Man in the Lonely Tower and to Alithor’s fast-growing child, the party flew their sky ship to the western continent. A friendly druid informed the group that rifts between the Abyss and the Prime Material had been opening, and that the Druids had been “dealing with it.” Also, Devils – likely bound – were showing up and dealing with the demons as well; the druids were quite busy and let the experienced blood war veterans do their work.

Finally on the open seas, the skyship was attacked by the element of storm itself for daring to fly over its treacherous waters.

Awesome picture by player of Hanuman

The elementals’ very movements were thunderous blows, but the party invariably tore through the thunder and lightning, saving their ship and continuing on their journey.

While venturing towards the closest point, which appeared to be a mountain that held a pure earth element, the hidden mortals investigated a large fire in the countryside. Apparently the wars in the west had become total, as minor soldiers were put on countryside-burning duty. The heroes stopped the burning, found out a little more about the nations at war, and moved on.

They were met by some cautious, stoic dwarves guarding a mountain entrance shaped like a massive face carved into the rock. Upon hearing the moving words of Alithor, the dwarves allowed the party to venture into the crypt that held the element of pure earth. The group encountered various crypt guards, including a Shadesteel Golem and dutiful Bone Naga, but the guards were dispatched after some traded blows.

At the heart of the mountain they encountered an Elemental Monolith of the earth, a great and towering guardian… which they dispatched with relative ease. Hanuman’s efforts to damage the creature by collapsing the cave onto it left the entire cave structure a bit unstable, so the party solved a dumb little riddle, collected the container, and quickly moved on.

The party left the dwarves, met with the Enchantress so she could store the earth element, and continued to collect the point of air. They saw an impossibly-thin spire shoot up through the clouds, on top a barely-visible aerie with a pale construct-looking overseer. The overseer told the group that they had to prove themselves worthy to collect the element, and their worth was tested with gusts of wind, wind-based creatures, and a great Monolith of Wind who turned into a cyclone. This cyclone captured even mighty Alithor and Raguel in its gale forces, but they resisted being knocked down to the ground far below while Hanuman activated nearby lightning posts to shock the creature. The behemoth ultimately succumbed, and with that the overseer returned with a sigh of relief. He opened up, revealing the container of wind to be inside him.

S9: Roderick the Swift

Short session, short recap

The angelic heroes rested after some tough fights in the wintry landscape, and made their way towards the lair of Arya the White Dragon. They soon found a pile of massacred beasts outside the dragon’s lair, but they ventured onward, only to find the gargantuan dragon dead in its lair. It was destroyed by a combination of acid, weapon, and claw. Instead of instilling fear in its foes, Arya’s final pose was a cower.

The party continued onto a more structured, grid-like complex, where Raguel traced the trail of the only being recently around. His search triggered a pit trap, linked to ceiling traps, that dumped living fog on everyone; the fog was like a living Cone of Cold, sapping anyone in its presence, but the party quickly dispatched them with a combination of cold immunity, Wings of Flurry, and summoned constructs.

Someone, who they later found was the simulacrum of Roderick the Swift, taunted Raguel as they approached his choice of fighting grounds. When the party finally reached him, they found a pale elf-like form who quickly Hasted and turned himself into a large hulking beast, tearing apart barrels that contained more of the Chilling Fog. As Raguel buffed himself, Roderick cajoled him to fight in primal battle. Alithor used his Wings to damage and disable the mad beast man, and Yarsin made his best attempt to harry and dispel his foe. Raguel finally entered the fray; while others had trouble piercing Roderick’s defenses, the wolf angel struck true. Roderick attempted to respond with a series of brutal attacks, but as he bit Raguel’s throat, Raguel’s magical backlash exploded the simulacrum into chunks of snow and slush.

The group found Raguels String of Demon Ears, and they learned much about the ritual and what it could mean for the multiverse. Soon after this discovery they were waylaid by, and quickly destroyed, telekinetic demons. Could this be connected to their new discovery?

S8: Arya's Plateau
Also featuring Zelekhuts

The angelic heroes returned to the ports of Ithaca and Omopolis for various concerns, including long-term repair solutions for The Sky-ship, advice from The Man in the Lonely Tower, and finding an Artificer.

Then they made their way towards Kaleas Rest to deliver the silver dragon some friendly kobolds. Just miles away from the mountain, the party was assailed by at least one hundred Zelekhuts, modeled with sleeker (but less protective) armor that allowed them to keep up with the ship.

Yarsin mentally summoned constructs and performed evasive maneuvers in the canyons below, not allowing the swarm of Inevitables to engage with more than a few of their forces at a time. Learning more about construct destruction after his previous bouts with Zelekhuts, Hanuman used his manticore spines to great effect. Alithor tore the constructs apart with draconic force, and Raguel chopped them into pieces with a fury. But while the party engaged well, bought time, and fought heroically, there were too many…

…Until Kalea, fond of her promised kobolds, intervened. Her breath destroyed a large swath of Zelekhuts, and when another group swarmed the colossal dragon, Alithor seized the opportunity and blasted all of them. The rest were driven off by the makeshift coalition. Kalea accepted the kobolds into her lair, noting that she and the party were “even.” One group of architecturally-savvy, dragon worshiping kobolds was apparently worth angering Mechanus – and perhaps other forces.

The group then set its eyes on the last unexplored point on the Eastern continent – Raguel’s point at Aryas Plateau. With help from the lonely Elan, the party knew they were going into a frostfell environment, a particularly dangerous wintry area, where the weather is deadly for those not prepared for the cold, and magical storms can tear most things to pieces. The holy mortals prepared for such dangers as they could and set forth.

After flying to the Plateau’s entrance without incident, Yarsin landed the Sky-ship on the edge of the plateau, fearing damage in a storm, and the party advanced on foot. A huge, quadrupedal tusked beast was spotted in the distance, and as the party attempted to avoid the creature a large bipedal form led it in their way. The group attempted to hail the large biped, at which point they were assailed. Three frost giants, along with the beast, attacked the group. Yarsin was frozen in place by the beast’s great roar, and Raguel was nearly killed by its vicious hoof attacks. When all seemed lost, Alithor’s Wings of Flurry barely saved the group from the giant attack.

The heroes continued, noting an ominous-looking stormfront approaching. They sought for shelter, specifically a house that a previous expedition had found. They too found the house, which was protected from razor-sleet that tore men apart via adamantine lining in the roof. There they met a hardy Dwarf who apparently lived in the Plateau. He was willing to guide the group to wherever they wanted to go – the group wasn’t sure, as Raguel refused to let the Elan extract his memories, fearing what might be dredged up – in exchange for their assistance in uncovering some old magical vaults. And by assistance, he meant killing everything in the way while he hid.

And so they did. A hungry frost worm erupted from the ground looking for easy prey, only to be beaten down with prejudice. Then, the party found what appeared to be an iceberg sticking out of a frozen lake. The winds whispered a riddle, answered by Alithor, which opened a magical door in the iceberg… but also alerted monsters apparently guarding the vault. Raguel retreated, opting to courageously use his bow and let his comrades be attacked instead. Then two Blasphemes, powerful undead who hunger for life force, latched onto Yarsin, forcing him to spend all his time struggling with the undead terrors. Five strange flying fire-spider fey all shot Polar Rays at Alithor, and fortunately for him all but one of the rays was deflected by the power of the divine.

For a moment, the fight appeared grim. The fey had focused Ice Storms on Alithor, who was blasting everything quite effectively, and the Blasphemes continued to gnaw on Yarsin. At one point, only brave Raguel was conscious and able to act. Fortunately, Alithor disabled the Blasphemes long enough for Yarsin to extricate himself, and Raguel was fast enough to move Alithor behind cover. The group momentarily healed and regrouped, suffering more barrages from the fey and hot pursuit from the Blasphemes, but with renewed vigor they picked apart their foes from a distance, preventing the Blasphemes from feeding again. It was a brutal fight, but another victory for the heroes.

For their troubles, their Dwarf guide found his prize – a shadowy orb that conveyed the abilities of a Dark creature to whoever had it in his possession. The party found one other item in the vault – another power source, similar to the one they found in The Sanctuary of Alithor the Herald.

S7: Hanuman's Totem and The Great Tree
Halledrim the Shadow is annoying

Backdated to game time

On their way out of the Underdark, the party met more resistance from Inevitables. This time they faced two improved Zelekhut models, who were able to dispel the party’s magical defenses, resist Alithor’s blasts, and force the party to retreat to The Sky-ship. Once in the air, the party used the ship’s natural defenses and superior maneuverability – including a barrel roll that shook a Zelekhut off the ship – to slowly chip away at the hapless slow-flying constructs.

Once back at the mouth of the Underdark cave, the party found an illusion of a robed man, who quickly introduced himself as a follower of the Dark Prince. He offered to provide direct evidence that the party was in fact innocent; in exchange the party would simply cease to find pieces of the ritual. Graz’zt apparently preferred that an “end game” created by said ritual occurred later rather than sooner. The party politely refused, and told him to go away. He made some oblique comments about eating into various players’ hands and left.

The party made its way (kobolds in tow) to Hanuman’s point – a massive, magical tree. A powerful druid turned himself into a massive protected habitat with mini forest pods as branches. The tree hid something for Hanuman, and would give it back once Hanuman returned.

However, upon arrival the party realized that the tree had been plagued. It could not provide what Hanuman desired until the Druid’s spirit regained full control of The Great Tree, which meant removing the corruption from various parts of the tree. A local elven tribe informed the angels that the corruption was guarded by various plagued forces, along with an unstoppable sniper in the shadows. The party inferred that this was Halledrim the Shadow, Hanuman’s corrupted counterpart.

There were four points of corruption, each guarded by various beasts and supported by Halledrim. The party first encountered some hapless corrupted elves, along with giant Girallons and Hellwasp Swarms, and Halledrim providing sniping shots. The party could not find Halledrim as he sniped them, but once the Girallons and Swarms were taken care of, he seemed to leave.

The second point was guarded by a grove of dryads, an Oaken Defender, and of course more sniping from the shadows. Once again the party was able to drive away the defenders in spite of arrows piercing them from a distance. This time the tree itself lit up the area where Halledrim was sniping, forcing the gnome silmulacrum to retreat.

Dark monkeys, which had plagued the group in the jungles north of Ithaca, helped the group find that Halledrim had gone to a more corrupted part of the tree with massive boars. The party used the sky-ship to attack the boars from the air, but there was something else in the grove, as rain quickly turned into thunder strikes. Alithor was able to dodge the lightning, but the ship took serious damage.

The ship retreated from the lightning storm, picking off more boars around the periphery, then returned after the magical storm faded. Halledrim, again lit up by The Great Tree, decided to go all out, almost killing Alithor in one volley of arrows. Hanuman raced over to Halledrim, turning his nemesis to slush with a great volley of spines as he said witty one-liners. A Verdant Prince then turned Hanuman into a frightened squirrel, then defeated by removing his corruption shortly thereafter.

The final pool of corruption was unguarded, as the demons that were once there likely left after Halledrim’s simulacrum came undone. At last, the Messenger found The Totem of Hanuman, which brought forth some of his angelic spirit and contained another piece of the ritual.

S6: The Underdark Lair of Yarsin Brassjack
Yeriel the Warlord

Backdated to game time

After striking a blow against the evil Kuo-toan empire, our heroes obtained The Sky-ship from the abandoned laboratory of The Man in the Lonely Tower‘s former masters. They slowly escorted the Procanites’ ship back to harbor in Fort Jotun. Then the framed angels sailed the skies to Ithaca to briefly meet with The Enchantress. She informed the group that she would be around more often, to provide assistance when needed. Duke Alfred also learned of their presence, and requested their aid in dealing with a misunderstanding among city and nature.

Previously, the party had defeated a rogue druid who took hold of an old outpost (see S2). The Church of Fharlanghn financed a project to construct a road through Druid-claimed territory, presumably coming to an agreement with the druids. However, one of the druids killed and ate the previous construction crew.

The party found that the crew had chopped down a “sacred tree” to make room for the road, and so one of the druids had “taken proper vengeance” for the misdeed. However, it’s difficult for anyone to say what’s a sacred tree and what’s a regular tree. From the group’s conversation, it appeared that one of the druids of the Circle was just hungry and evil. Via negotiation (mostly Alithor), the hungry druid was assigned to protect a different rainforest border, as more reasonable druids of the Circle dealt with road construction in their territory.

After collecting their reward for negotiation, the group stopped to chat with The Man in the Lonely Tower. With their permission, the Elan extracted memories from Hanuman and Yarsin, letting them know more about their respective locations. The party asked some questions and performed some research regarding their new skyship and went on their way.

The group made their way to Yarsin’s point near the center of the continent. Before they entered the caves to the underdark, a Zelekhut informed the group that Harrod the Fallen was captured by the forces of Law. The fallen one had his memories “extracted,” and while the Inevitables didn’t believe his (correct) memories of innocent angels, they did believe his knowledge of the mortal form of those angels.

The Zelekhut was quickly dispatched, and the celestials made mortal made their way into the Underdark. On their way they were stopped by Dire Bears, Drow and Aberrations, but none of them provided much resistance. However, where there once was a clear path to Yarsin’s hidden item there stood a pool, a faithful kobold, and the black dragon Behelthezar.

While he was intrigued by Yarsin’s story of being dormant before the great beast even lived, the scaled one did not allow the angels through. So they pressed issue, fighting the dragon in a tough battle, defeating him with fireballs and crystal shards shortly before Alithor would perish. The kobolds that previously worshiped Behelthezar agreed to join the party for the time being and find a new master elsewhere.

The hidden host found their way to Yarsin’s main chamber, but in the way was Yeriel the Warlord and a group of (more than usually) insane Drow priestesses and crossbow-women. Alithor cleared out the Drow with fireballs while Yeriel’s battle inspiration and deft use of reach allowed him to strike true and deadly against Yarsin. Yarsin nearly died before Alithor finished off the Warlord with his remaining arcane power.

Finally Yarsin found a hammer-like object in the depths of his chamber. The Hammer of Yarsin sparked in the warforged more angelic memories, along with knowledge of a psionic component to the ritual.

S5: Journey into the Deep Sea
The Sacred Pathway leads to a Sky-ship

The party, having arranged with the Church of Procan, set out upon the seas in order to reach their destination in the islands in the deep waters off the continent. The journey began peacefully, but soon it became apparent that this journey was far more than a simple cruise. Along their charted course, terrible storms arose on either side of the vessel, terrible to behold and constant in their churning, but curiously the storms did not encroach upon their path despite practically surrounding the group on all sides. While the storms remained at bay, denizens of the water did not. A week from port, the ship was suddenly attacked by a group of Kuo-toa. Immediately the group dived into the water to protect themselves and the vessel with her crew. Though they were outnumbered, careful use of spell and blade allowed the group to fend off the attacks and even capture a few for interrogation.

The group spoke with the highest ranking officer of the Kuo-toa to gain whatever information they could. They learned more of the conflict between the allied sea humanoids and the Kuo-toa. A dispute over underwater territory had brought the full might of the Kuo-toa to the war, which luckily distracted them from the Procan vessel. Furthermore, the officer informed the party of the vessel’s encroachment upon the deep seas and the agreement that was broken by the Procan-ites in making this journey. Procan and Dagon, god of the deep seas, made an agreement that Procan would rule the shallows and Dagon would rule the deep. The storms surrounding the Procan vessels were the manifestation of this agreement, Dagon’s fury made manifest to wreck any ship that would venture into his domain. But the Procanites noted that Procan made a legal, although tricky, maneuver to gain some territory of the deeps in the forms of pathways know as Sacred Pathways. These pathways prevented the storms from destroying ships, but the knowledge of them had been lost until the party discovered one in Alithor’s Sanctuary. Alithor, in the constant quest to show mercy to mortals, allowed the creatures to leave with their lives, despite the protests of the party and crew.

With this knowledge, the group continued their journey. They briefly stopped by an island when they spotted humans. They humans spoke dialects they were unknown, but this did not prevent Alithor’s natural charm from washing over them, inducing the Chieftain to offer a woman to him. Alithor politely declined, but the natives did teach him of a drug used to fight the Kuo-toa, and the party was able to make some for future encounters. Hanuman realized the ingredients for the drug where the same as the ones for the itching power he so frequently employed, plus some local mushrooms and common vegetables. The drug was effectively a poison. Those without proper immunity would suffer vivid hallucinations, often involving spirits.

They continued still, but three days from their destination danger struck. The storm which had kept their distance suddenly fell upon the ship, and soon after the ship was rocked by an attack from underneath. Again, the group dived in, this time to find a much more terrible sight. A Kraken was attacking. Alithor tactically blinded the beast so that Raguel and Yarsin could rush the beast and so that Hanuman could fire his spines in safety. While the blindness hindered the beast greatly, the sheer number of arms and tentacles made it a formidable foe even blinded. Each member fought constantly to avoid of escape a grapple by the monster, and the battle wore on for a great deal of time. Eventually, with spike, blade, and magic the group routed the beast, unfortunately dragging Yarsin with him. With a final blow, Yarsin struck down the beast with his axe, before he was dragged to the bottom, and the beast sank back down to the depths from which it came. With the Kraken gone, the path cleared and the ship made it safely to the island marked by the Map.

At the island, the group quickly discovered the facility The Man in the Lonely Tower spoke of. They set out to explore it, but at its entrance they were ambushed by a war party of Kuo-toa. Mid battle with the foe, their party leader fled as a group of allied sea creatures rushed up shore and destroyed the remaining creatures. The allies offered to protect the entrance while the group explored, and the party accepted their help. Inside, the group came across a lowly worker Kua-toa and interrogated him. The layout of the facility was learned, and the worker told the group of the central lab where all the equipment inside was being taken. When they were done with him, Alithor wished to release him, but Raguel vehemently disagreed. They argued at length, but eventually Raguel bowed to his bestial nature and moved to kill the worker. Alithor attempted to intervere, but was unable to stop the killing. Furious, Alithor gave serious thoughts to subduing Raguel in order to avert more killing, and Raguel raged at Alithor’s mercy. Fortunately, before the two came to blows, monsters decided to do the attacking for them. The group were ambushed by two undead with the power to drown the living. Hanuman and Raguel both lacked the protection from their powers, and fought valiantly despite occasionally succumbing to the affects of drowning. Yarsin was able to grab both of them and bring them to a safe area where they could breathe again before it was too late, and the group managed to slay the monsters at a distance with Hanuman’s deadly spikes and Raguel’s arrows.

Finally, the group made it to the center. As they entered an empty room, Alithor explored a pool of water in the middle which he believed held a pathway to more of the facility. Through a stroke of insight, Alithor noticed the presence of an invisible creature, and took some of the vision drugs. This counteracted the invisibility of the Kua-toa in the room, but it was too late for the rest of the party to use the drugs before the fight was on. Alithor quickly dispatched a group of weaker Kuo-toa with his fire blasts, while Yarsin, Raguel, and Hanuman focused on the tougher leader of the group. The battle was long and deadly. The attackers outnumbered the group, and nearly all the group was brought to deaths door. Luckily, Alithor’s fire blasts caused the Kua-toa to focus their attacks on him. But with divine power guarding him from harm, Alithor was able to deflect the attacks that would have otherwise brought down his allies. Finally, with the Kua-toa leader defeated and his troops defeated or routed, the group explored the final area of the facility. They climbed up a set of stairs to the roof, only to find a strange sight. Upon this roof sat a ship. The party boarded it, found it smaller than usual and without the normal trapping of a sea vessel. Where the captain’s wheel normally stood, a small pillar with an inset the size of stone sat. Alithor examined it, realized it seemed to match the gem in his sanctuary, and attempted to use the gem with the ship. What happened next was beyond their wildest expectations. The ship began to rise into the air, and a control mechanism appeared out of nowhere. As Alithor found the gem in his own sanctuary, his angelic self must have known this ship would aid in a future quest, and so the group set off to traverse the skies.

S4: Astor the Terror
Also featuring giants and Kuo-toa

OOC note: This is backdated to the game time. Also you can kinda tell who writes the recaps by the choice of voice.

After a brief, creepy conversation with a being who spoke via corrupted hound corpses, the group ventured onward. Harrod decided to guard the entrance while the rest continued, as being cured of the Demon Plague twice started to give him… odd feelings. Alithor discovered more about his complex, realizing that the doors were rigged with Explosive Runes traps triggered to a command word he knew. However, the angelic crew did not need these traps to overcome a horde of plague zombies and an undead grey render. Raguel was mostly impervious to the creatures’ attacks, and Hanuman perforated swaths of undead with his manticore spines.

Alithor saved many corrupted Lantern Archons by removing the plague from them; however, this destroyed them in the process. The group destroyed Archons who attacked the group, as they appeared beyond saving. On the last floor, Alithor decrypted the final set of commands. First, Alithor found some precious gems and art, a mug that refilled with any nutritious drink at will, some propaganda books regarding themselves, and a green, magical gem. With some decrypting, this floor also opened to an elevator located in the space between rooms, which went to a force-walled aerie above the mountain’s peak.

There awaited a pale white, Star Elf form of Astor the Terror, the corrupted angel personally slain by Alithor the Herald in their fateful battle, along with a complement of undead minions. But for divine fortune, Astor may have driven away Raguel and Hanuman in fear. The party overcame several of Astor’s attempts to seize them in terror and quickly brought down the maniacal elf with magic missiles, grappling claws and manticore spines. Astor the Terror’s form melted into snow and slush, and he promised they would meet again; the undead minions quickly fell without their master.

Alithor soon discovered the purpose of his Sanctuary. First, from the vantage point of the Aerie, he could see and communicate with any point inside his sanctuary. Second, Alithor determined he could broadcast his voice to most of the continent. He used this to reach Kalea, but not otherwise. Third, Alithor found a crown, which could only be seen or wielded by him. He put on the crown, and it bestowed some of Alithor’s lost angelic power. Importantly, it also provided him some memory of a spell-component to a mysterious ritual. Alithor doesn’t know the exact aspects of the ritual, but he does know the spell component acts as a kind of magical stabilizer for a great amount of energy. The herald can’t actually cast it, yet.

Upon leaving the cleansed sanctuary, the group found Harrod healing himself near a pile of construct-like body parts, mostly smashed against the wall. He informed the group that the law-constructs previously in the entry hall did in fact get off some sort of signal, but they didn’t seem to know what was going on or who was in the temple. While Harrod apparently took care of the first wave of assailants, he implied they would continue looking for him. It would be best, for now, if he parted ways and allowed the group to continue their quest while he drew the attention of the lawful investigators.

On their way back down the mountain, Alithor attempted to settle a growing dispute between the two hill giant clans, Kaaj and Meren. The angelic half giant had already convinced clan Kaaj to trade with the humans, and within the days they were gone it had already benefited Kaaj… except Meren was consistently raiding his nemesis’ newfound supplies. Against all odds, Alithor used his great words and silly diplomacy checks to bring the two clans together, to watch Kaaj and Meren (brothers, actually) honor dueled for the right to rule all the giants near Kalea’s Rest. Kaaj won, and Alithor convinced the followers of Meren (except Meren’s son, who ran off) to follow Kaaj in peace.

The group then decided to return to Omopolis for more information from The Man in the Lonely Tower. Here Alithor learned his previous fun times at Omopolis’ party and love festival led to the miracle of a child, who gestated quickly, like a half celestial. He convinced all involved to keep the child’s angel birth a secret, and to let the clergy of Sharess (technically responsible for all children conceived during their festival) help protect the child.

The faceless Elan and his beguiler companion received the party and provided more information. His library contained a book appropriately titled “The Champions of the Titan’s Eye”, describing each fallen champion via heroic propaganda. He also answered questions about the nature of Astor’s slushy demise. It was some sort of simulacrum-based effect, although he wasn’t sure if it was the “new” or the “old” simulacrum. The new one works as normal, but the “old” version could use “more power” to grant the simulacrum more of the original being’s power. (DM Note: a bit of ret-con to give me flexibility)

The lonely psion also provided more information on the magical emerald. Alithor had already found that it was a power source of some sort, with summoning, abjuration and transmutation magicks. However, the faceless Elan recognized it as a specific power source, actually a key to one of his past master’s travel-based prototypes. After learning this revelation, a new point on The Map opened up, to an island in the southeast; a path also accompanied this point. No one took up the psion’s offer to extract hidden memories, as Alithor had done.

The group’s original plan was to deal with the new discovery after figuring out their individual points on the map. However, upon landing at Fort Jotun again, the group learned of a Kuo-toan menace based in the same location. Apparently the Kuo-toa were at war with a confederation of other sentient sea creatures, and they were using strange new alchemical tools to turn the war to their favor. Seeing that the Kuo-toa’s acts may be related to their newfound information about ancient prototypes, and as Alithor wanted to help the more goodly nation against the usually-evil Kuo-toa, the party decided to investigate.

Shortly thereafter they found that the Church of Procan was funding a similar expedition, so the party decided to join forces and share their map-based information. The priests of Procan discussed the party’s path as a potential “sacred path of Procan.” The Procan-ian vessel eventually encountered some resistance, in the form of a small band of standard Kuo-toa trying to scuttle the ship from below. The angels went under and easily dispatched the frog men, but more was to come…

S3: Journey to Alithor's Sanctuary

After deciding to free their slaves, with supernatural aid we leaped onto the pirates’ imposing ship and routed them all. One of their crewmembers, Harrod, turned out to be another angel who’d been cast into a mortal form, though this angel was not of the same host. In telling us his history of woe and personal failure it seemed that though not directly one of us this new angel may in some way be related to our current predicament.

After subduing the pirates we debated what to do with the survivors. Alithor vied for taking several days out of our travels to seek a port city where the criminals could be tried by a recognized human legal authority. Harrod agreed with Alithor. Hanuman wanted to strand the pirates on a desert island and leave them to their fate. Raguel argued for tossing all the pirates overboard and moving on with their business. The party succeeded in convincing Raguel’s angel that the crew had the right to be judged by their own society. We transported the pirates to a port city where they received trial. Their captain was allowed to speak on their behalf, but tried to use magic to influence the judges and was immediately sentenced to death. Alithor spoke on behalf of the pirate crew and convinced the judges to punish them with a life of hard labor instead of a death sentence.

Once we reached our destination, Fort Jotun, we learned from The Map that The Enchantress was nearby. From her we learned the story of our downfall and betrayal. The Enchantress told us of one host of angels tasked with guarding the mortal plane from demonic influence. They became famous champions among the mortals, using them to help stem the demonic tide on the material plane and construct a great bastion of light amid their most advanced empire.

By her word these angels made a pact with the demon prince Graz’zt to protect his spheres of influence and focus on other demons and demon-worshipers. In return the angels gained the favor of Graz’zt, and all the dark power that entails. Over time their association with Graz’zt and his kin corrupted the angels into monstrous reflections of themselves. Our group was eradicating a temple of Graz’zt when the fallen champions arrived to defend their demonic kin. In a difficult battle, we did not hesitate in putting them to the sword, as was our holy duty.

Through as-of-yet undetermined means our angelic brethren learned of our fight with the corrupted but knew nothing of their fallen status. Lies were spread that we had fallen, preying upon our brethren and destroying them, though we were attacked by corrupted demonic creatures who were no longer one of the Host. Soon enough we were imprisoned, but not before we hid… something. The Enchantress was not sure, but wanted to know what we found.

We’ve learned of only two others who know of our innocence. One is the Enchantress herself, though the means by which she became convinced of our innocence remains a mystery. The other is Harrod. We learned through the Enchantress that Harrod had borne witness to the truth of our conflict with the corrupted. Because he feared our accusers he kept his silence, and in doing so failed his sacred charge and lost the right to be counted among the Holy Host. This was the last information the Enchantress gave to us before revealing her true form and disappearing once again.

We continued on to Kalea’s Rest, the mountain top that we believed held some connection to Alithor. During the trip up the mountain we encountered several giants some of which we had no choice but to fight. One group Alithor was able to convince to abandon their planned raids in return for a large sum of money and his promise that the human farmers could be convinced to trade with them. Nearing the higher reaches of the mountain we encountered a baby silver dragon who was soon followed by its mother, who turned out to be Kalea.

Alithor and Harrod were quickly overcome by the dragon’s aura of power and fled in fear from the creature. Raguel was able to pin Alithor before he could get far. So it was Raguel and Hanuman that stood before the dragon, angry that adventurers were between her and her hatchling. In spite of Raguel’s gruff response, Kalea saw the honesty of his word, the valor of his purpose, and the honorable treatment of her child, and was moved to not only spare but aid us. She told us of a plague that afflicted some creatures of the mountain and offered a curative wand she believed would protect us against infection.

The dragon flew us to the crest of the mountain where an ancient monastery stood nearly lost to the snow. Within the monastery waited a contingent of constructs who seem to have been sent to find whatever Alithor had left there. We quickly dispatched these creatures before they could alert greater beings to our presence. Alithor was able to get us past the wards that protected the lower levels of the monastery. Once we learned that the monastery’s protection wards were based in language – a language Alithor then remembered inventing – there was no doubt this was once a Sanctuary of Alithor the Herald. In the depths of the monastery we found some undead and outsiders who all seemed to be infected by some plague of demonic origin. Before slaying a corrupted hound outsider, its jaw opened, emitting “It’s been so long…” without moving its mouth…

S2 Quest for the Map

Having concluded our other business it was decided we needed to go to the lost temple of the Church of Fharlanghn to find the map of the local area. Duke Alfred informed us that a group from the thieves’ guild was also looking for the map and that they had left while we were dealing with assassins. While we were in Duke Alfred’s office discussing the mission he was attacked by a group of Shadows. We were able to get him away from them and to a temple. Two Shadows followed us and were destroyed by the Clerics. The rest were routed by Alithor’s Turn Undead ability, then subsequently tracked down and destroyed by the church.

The party set out from the city with the help of two guides. The first league of the trip was uneventful, then just before we entered the forest we were attacked by a pair of Dire Lions. The creatures proved a bit of a nuisance but were soon defeated. One of our guides refused to enter the jungle and claimed it was a place of certain death. In the jungle we had to deal with a group of monkeys that riled up a nest of centipede swarms and led us into an Assassin Vine. After dealing with their trap we killed some of the monkeys to encourage them to keep their distance. During the night we received word from a local druid circle that one of their own had gone rogue and may be a danger to anyone who traveled through the forest.

Continuing on our remaining guide led us to the temple. As we came within sight of the temple grounds each of us seemed to recall the temple of Fharlanghn as a populated structure surrounded by a thriving town. None of us were sure from where this memory came, and at the time we had more immediate concerns. It seems that the men from the thieves guild had reached the temple before us and were captured/killed by the rogue druid. Later we would learn that the druid was keeping them alive so that they would be fresh when he cooked and ate them. One of the rogues tipped us off to the druid being nearby in the form of a crocodile. We fought the druid and the many creatures he’d summoned with the aid of our remaining guide and those thieves guild members who still lived. We killed the druid, and let the remaining guild members go. A quick search of the church found the map we’d been looking for as well as a cache of treasure. We also found another map that showed the entire world and marked two locations, one of which differed depending on who was using the map at the time.

We left the forest and made our way back to town where we spoke briefly with the church of Fharlanghn and Duke Alfred. We were paid for the retrieval of the map and given a token designating our group as friends of the church.

Shortly after returning to the tavern we were contacted by the Enchantress (or someone we hoped was her since we had no way of confirming her identity). We were able to establish a challenge and password system for future contacts, but little else came of the meeting. We were interrupted by a Half-Elf we’d previously met during the encounter where bob the drug dealer was killed. It seemed the Half-Elf was a criminal and was concerned we were trying to move in on the local action. We settled that we are not criminals and weren’t currently concerned with criminal activities in the city.

From Ithaca we took a ship called the Mayfare, Captained by Lahin Ardeen (Human, Male). Omopolis was our first stop. Large walled city. We got a note from someone who signed themselves as The Man in the Lonely Tower. It contained a map to a location out of town and an invitation for the four of us. The tower was where the note said it would be. The door was flanked by two Iron Golems. Inside we met a Beguiler named Skippy and an Elan with no mouth. The Elan convinced Alithor to allow him to enter his mind and “unlock” some knowledge about the location we were headed too. We learned that the closest location had something to do with Alithor personally. Alithor borrowed a book on learning Druidic from the Elan with the promise of returning it one day.

A few days after leaving port we were set upon by pirates. Determining that we couldn’t outrun them we decided to lock the crew in the hold. Raguel kept the hold key on his person and told the captain to say that it was the party’s decision to fight not the crews in the event that the pirates couldn’t be dealt with. During the parlay we learned that the pirates used slaves to man the oars of their ship, and from there we knew we had no choice but to fight.


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