The Hammer of Yarsin

Found in the depths of the Underdark guarded by Yeriel the Warlord.

Upon absorbing its essence, Yarsin learned of a psionic channeling component to the ritual.

In Yarsin’s angelic form, he gains the following updated benefits:

  • +6 sacred bonus to intelligence.
  • All of Yarsin’s astral constructs gain the benefit of the ecto-protection power automatically, with an augment equal to the augment spent on the astral construct.
  • Yarsin can tag the Hammer and spend a Fate Point to lead the party in battle, providing a Minor Aura effect of his choice (see marshal) keyed to intelligence, with a range-limitation of 200 feet instead of 30 feet. Immediately upon tagging this effect, Yarsin may also use the White Raven Tactics maneuver as though he knew and readied it, but the range increases to 60 feet. Note that you can only tag these effects once per encounter.

Also see Special Item Synergies

The Hammer of Yarsin

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