Major trade port and cosmopolitan land. Walled, like most, but also relatively self-sufficient. Located on the southern coast, east of Ithaca.

City of Festivals

There is always a “festival” of some sort going on, but it can be low key depending on who’s running it. The first time the group visited it was a festival of free love.

A Rotating Theocracy

A resident of Omopolis will say that his city undergoes revolution every new moon. Each new moon, a new festival is run by one of the four major churches, who takes over city governing functions. The four major churches of Omopolis worship:

  • Sune, Goddess of Passion and Love
  • Fharlanghn, God of Travel
  • Kord, God of Strength and Competition
  • “Divine Truth,” a mysterious ideal composed of various gods

Sune’s festival is basically Woodstock. Fharlanghn’s festival mostly involves lots of active trade and volunteering to help on public works. Kord’s festival is similar to the Olympics. And the Divine Truth’s festival is also called the quiet season, as it mostly involves private meditation.


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