Unless someone says otherwise I assume loot is distributed evenly among each existing party member, whether or not the player is present.

Session 1: Party awarded a sum total of 12000 gp via two credits of the Church of Fharlanghn; split among 4 players this is 3000 gp apiece, as I fail at math and mistakenly frontload wealth.

Session 2: The lockbox contained 4000 gp of mostly platinum. The Duke’s reward was 4000 gp. Sum total, another 2000gp per player.

Session 3: The pirate’s ship contained 3900gp of assorted luxury goods, and the port city gave you an additional 100gp for the capture of Captain Mohrg An, noted slaver, for a total of 1000gp per active player.

You also obtained a few magic items, which I assume you haven’t sold:

  • One 12-charge Wand of Lesser Vigor from the pirates
  • One scroll of Ebon Eyes, and one scroll of Lay of the Land (ranger 1)
  • One potion of Enlarge Person
  • One (then-full) Wand of Remove Disease from Kalea; you all keep track of the charges.

Session 4: Alithor’s Sanctuary contained precious gems and old platinum with a value of 2000 gp per player. The sanctuary also has various magical items/abilities embedded in it. In addition, you retrieved two other major items:

  • An item akin to an Everfull Mug that had no per-day limitation and could take on a wider variety of flavors.
  • A large emerald that turned out to be some sort of power source.
  • A series of journals about the group’s previous exploits that gave you a new location (and path) on The Map

Session 5: You found various alchemical items. With some research you find they are:

  • 10 tanglefoot bags
  • 10 “ink blob” items emulating a 10’ radius version of the Kraken’s ink blob (works underwater; above water it just makes a mess of whatever you hit)
  • 15 units of the (sticky, gunky) material used for the shock grenades. Any amount of the gunk creates an area of 2d6 lightning damage, reflex DC = 12 + number of units used. 3 or more units creates a 10’ radius effect; less creates a 5’ radius effect. Any more than 3 units placed in the same blob makes it become unstable and risky to wield.
  • One prototype web grenade, emulating a Web spell DC 14.
  • One small prototype (read: exotic weapon) black powder bomb. You’re not sure about the specifics.
  • Each Kuo-toa you killed before the final combat had a special blur cloak, only works if you’re a Kuo-toa.
  • The Kuo-toa in the final fight had advanced versions of the cloaks that was able to provide invisibility as the spell… also Kuo-toa only.
  • The 5 charred corpses that didn’t even get to act in the final fight each had one dose of suicide venom, which granted a Death Throes ability.

Much of this has little direct applicability for you, but may be the basis of future research for one of you, or for NPCs with whom you share these discoveries. Of course, you also found a pretty important item of sorts…

Session 6: The dragon’s hoard has sellable loot, 3000gp per player. Also Special Items.

Session 7: The Elvish denizens of the Great Tree provided two totem-themed Night Sticks in their gratitude. Also Special Items.

Session 8: See The Sky-ship. The vault also had tomes of ancient magical knowledge, and rare spell components worth 500 gp per player.

Session 9: Short session, not a lot.

Session 10-12: Various treasure worth 3000 gp per player, along with an additional nightstick. There may have been other items in here as well…

Special Items

The Map
The Sky-ship

The Crown of Alithor
The Hammer of Yarsin
The Totem of Hanuman
Raguels String of Demon Ears
Special Item Synergies


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