The Moated City

Ithaca is located on the edge of an Isthmus. Reaching the Moated City by land is only feasible to some of the tribal denizens who can navigate the treacherous marshes, bogs and jungle to its north. This, along with the shallow seas, forms the “moat” that protects Ithaca from direct attacks. All trade comes in through the shallow seas, and Ithaca relies on this trade for both its food and its significant wealth.


Ithaca is ostensibly a metropolitan, laissez-faire trading city governed by Duke Alfred, more a military leader and arbitrator than a monarch of divine right. In truth a council of powerful, all-human merchants elects the duke, creates the laws, and works to maintain their position of power.

Lately the council has overtly attempted to rid itself of the corrupting influence of the local thieve’s guild, to limited success. The two dukes before Alfred were assassinated shortly after they looked into a connection between the thieve’s guild and noble finances.


The Church of Procan, god of the sea, and the Church of Fharlanghn, god of travel, have large presences in Ithaca. Smaller temples of various other deities also dot the city. There is also a relatively large magical academy, a mercenary guild, and dozens of bustling markets and ports that mostly deal in trade goods.


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