Champions of the Titan's Eye

S1: Assassins in Ithaca
Also, politicians are assholes

OOC Note: Vince missed the session due to a very bad back. Get well soon, Vincent!
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So the angels convene in Ithaca at dusk. Yarsin Brassjack, warforged psionic sword for hire, or the party golem. Hanuman, monkey man with a manticore’s menace. Alithor the Herald, annoyer of Yarsin. Horace Wargrave, holy monk of righteous Order. And, Raguel, the dreaded beast man, existing quietly in the background.

Our heroes receive word from The Enchantress that they must contact a servant of Duke Alfred for a quest to “find more about themselves” or some such. Just as they arrive in humid Ithaca the party hears cries of “ASSASSIN!” coming from Duke Alfred himself. The angelic companions fight off alchemist fire and dagger while the Duke cries about hazard pay for his guards (while fighting off enemies of his own). It takes the assassins quite a while to realize they aren’t hurting the Duke all that much (no sneak attack), and after half of them die and one drops unconscious, the rest flee.

The victors hastily make their way to the barracks to interrogate the captured assassin. Alithor convinces the Duke to let the party – minus Yarsin, who earmuffs so he won’t hear lies – interrogate the witness sans torture. The assassin relents to the party once the Duke promises to protect the family of the now witness, giving up the man who hired the group: Bob the Gimp (definitely not a name one directs at Bob).

Looking for Bob, the party finds a chatty, drunk halfling who explains where he is, along with any other information they may or may not want to know. Horace nearly accosts the half man then and there for his espoused love of casual drug use, but the party decides to let the little one drink in peace.

On their way to Bob, the group encounters street urchins who appear to be keeping lookout near the shady part of the docks. Hanuman scares them by being himself and teleporting right next to one of them. Alithor changes their mood by offering silver pieces, and essentially gets them to do whatever he wants with promise of more silver. In this case they just look somewhere else.

The team of angels makes it to Bob by nightfall and interrupts some sort of illicit deal between him and a lanky half elf. They let the two make their deal in peace, then attempt to convince Bob to witness against whoever paid him to hire assassins. Bob seems amenable, to a degree, but once he hints at something about trees and Elven lineage, alchemist fire reduces him to a twisted, charred corpse. This time, the assassins are quickly spotted and surrounded by enemies, so they’re all caught or killed by the party and the dock thugs once guarding Bob.

All return to the barracks with Bob’s charred corpse in tow. Duke Alfred knows a priest in the Church of Fharlanghn, who speaks with dead the following morning. After bothering Alfred about a mysterious map he’s supposed to retrieve, the priest reveals the assassins’ conspirator as Loran Redwood, youngest of the merchant council. Unfortunately, Alfred has determined that Loran left the town that night to escape justice.

Half a day behind the traitor, the party makes chase along with a priest of Fharlanghn and his local tribal guide. With their help the group travels through treacherous marsh and bog without much incident, catching up to Redwood and his company of mercenaries. Redwood seems to be heading west towards the coast, likely for a boat to take the young noble to safe harbor. The angels find, however, that before the beach there are large cliffs, making Redwood’s plan trying at best.

With liberal use of invisibility the group manages to meet Redwood and company near the coast so they could peacefully explain the predicament. At the same time they notice a band of marauding orcs approaching. As Alithor points these facts out to the mercenary company, he offers them clemency in return for giving up Redwood. The two groups fight side by side against orcs for a while, defeating them with only one mercenary lost to the assault.

After some negotiating, and repeated annoying pleas by Redwood for the mercenary company to attack his would-be captors, the mercenaries decide to give the sniveling bastard up. Their leader, Lord Humbert, wishes for the group to spread the tale of their heroic defeat to the last man, so that their reputations aren’t stained with treachery. Other than that he merely demands half the party’s pay for his cooperation, to compensate for the Redwood house’s lost fee and inevitable revenge.

The murderous noble returns to Ithaca in chains, covered by a bale of hay to avoid being killed in the street by angry commoners. Alfred rewards the group handsomely via payment redeemable in the Temple of Fharlanghn, hinting at some sort of credit system. True to his word, Alithor pays Lord Humbert his half, which he splits evenly among his men.

Duke Alfred thanks the party for their service. The party also learns that Lord Humbert is Duke Alfred’s cousin. They both seem ambivalent towards each other. The Duke reminds them that they have another job, should they choose to accept. Find the lost temple of Farlanghn to the north, with the map that can make land routes between the Great Cities possible…

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