Champions of the Titan's Eye

S9: Roderick the Swift

Short session, short recap

The angelic heroes rested after some tough fights in the wintry landscape, and made their way towards the lair of Arya the White Dragon. They soon found a pile of massacred beasts outside the dragon’s lair, but they ventured onward, only to find the gargantuan dragon dead in its lair. It was destroyed by a combination of acid, weapon, and claw. Instead of instilling fear in its foes, Arya’s final pose was a cower.

The party continued onto a more structured, grid-like complex, where Raguel traced the trail of the only being recently around. His search triggered a pit trap, linked to ceiling traps, that dumped living fog on everyone; the fog was like a living Cone of Cold, sapping anyone in its presence, but the party quickly dispatched them with a combination of cold immunity, Wings of Flurry, and summoned constructs.

Someone, who they later found was the simulacrum of Roderick the Swift, taunted Raguel as they approached his choice of fighting grounds. When the party finally reached him, they found a pale elf-like form who quickly Hasted and turned himself into a large hulking beast, tearing apart barrels that contained more of the Chilling Fog. As Raguel buffed himself, Roderick cajoled him to fight in primal battle. Alithor used his Wings to damage and disable the mad beast man, and Yarsin made his best attempt to harry and dispel his foe. Raguel finally entered the fray; while others had trouble piercing Roderick’s defenses, the wolf angel struck true. Roderick attempted to respond with a series of brutal attacks, but as he bit Raguel’s throat, Raguel’s magical backlash exploded the simulacrum into chunks of snow and slush.

The group found Raguels String of Demon Ears, and they learned much about the ritual and what it could mean for the multiverse. Soon after this discovery they were waylaid by, and quickly destroyed, telekinetic demons. Could this be connected to their new discovery?



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