Champions of the Titan's Eye

S8: Arya's Plateau

Also featuring Zelekhuts

The angelic heroes returned to the ports of Ithaca and Omopolis for various concerns, including long-term repair solutions for The Sky-ship, advice from The Man in the Lonely Tower, and finding an Artificer.

Then they made their way towards Kaleas Rest to deliver the silver dragon some friendly kobolds. Just miles away from the mountain, the party was assailed by at least one hundred Zelekhuts, modeled with sleeker (but less protective) armor that allowed them to keep up with the ship.

Yarsin mentally summoned constructs and performed evasive maneuvers in the canyons below, not allowing the swarm of Inevitables to engage with more than a few of their forces at a time. Learning more about construct destruction after his previous bouts with Zelekhuts, Hanuman used his manticore spines to great effect. Alithor tore the constructs apart with draconic force, and Raguel chopped them into pieces with a fury. But while the party engaged well, bought time, and fought heroically, there were too many…

…Until Kalea, fond of her promised kobolds, intervened. Her breath destroyed a large swath of Zelekhuts, and when another group swarmed the colossal dragon, Alithor seized the opportunity and blasted all of them. The rest were driven off by the makeshift coalition. Kalea accepted the kobolds into her lair, noting that she and the party were “even.” One group of architecturally-savvy, dragon worshiping kobolds was apparently worth angering Mechanus – and perhaps other forces.

The group then set its eyes on the last unexplored point on the Eastern continent – Raguel’s point at Aryas Plateau. With help from the lonely Elan, the party knew they were going into a frostfell environment, a particularly dangerous wintry area, where the weather is deadly for those not prepared for the cold, and magical storms can tear most things to pieces. The holy mortals prepared for such dangers as they could and set forth.

After flying to the Plateau’s entrance without incident, Yarsin landed the Sky-ship on the edge of the plateau, fearing damage in a storm, and the party advanced on foot. A huge, quadrupedal tusked beast was spotted in the distance, and as the party attempted to avoid the creature a large bipedal form led it in their way. The group attempted to hail the large biped, at which point they were assailed. Three frost giants, along with the beast, attacked the group. Yarsin was frozen in place by the beast’s great roar, and Raguel was nearly killed by its vicious hoof attacks. When all seemed lost, Alithor’s Wings of Flurry barely saved the group from the giant attack.

The heroes continued, noting an ominous-looking stormfront approaching. They sought for shelter, specifically a house that a previous expedition had found. They too found the house, which was protected from razor-sleet that tore men apart via adamantine lining in the roof. There they met a hardy Dwarf who apparently lived in the Plateau. He was willing to guide the group to wherever they wanted to go – the group wasn’t sure, as Raguel refused to let the Elan extract his memories, fearing what might be dredged up – in exchange for their assistance in uncovering some old magical vaults. And by assistance, he meant killing everything in the way while he hid.

And so they did. A hungry frost worm erupted from the ground looking for easy prey, only to be beaten down with prejudice. Then, the party found what appeared to be an iceberg sticking out of a frozen lake. The winds whispered a riddle, answered by Alithor, which opened a magical door in the iceberg… but also alerted monsters apparently guarding the vault. Raguel retreated, opting to courageously use his bow and let his comrades be attacked instead. Then two Blasphemes, powerful undead who hunger for life force, latched onto Yarsin, forcing him to spend all his time struggling with the undead terrors. Five strange flying fire-spider fey all shot Polar Rays at Alithor, and fortunately for him all but one of the rays was deflected by the power of the divine.

For a moment, the fight appeared grim. The fey had focused Ice Storms on Alithor, who was blasting everything quite effectively, and the Blasphemes continued to gnaw on Yarsin. At one point, only brave Raguel was conscious and able to act. Fortunately, Alithor disabled the Blasphemes long enough for Yarsin to extricate himself, and Raguel was fast enough to move Alithor behind cover. The group momentarily healed and regrouped, suffering more barrages from the fey and hot pursuit from the Blasphemes, but with renewed vigor they picked apart their foes from a distance, preventing the Blasphemes from feeding again. It was a brutal fight, but another victory for the heroes.

For their troubles, their Dwarf guide found his prize – a shadowy orb that conveyed the abilities of a Dark creature to whoever had it in his possession. The party found one other item in the vault – another power source, similar to the one they found in The Sanctuary of Alithor the Herald.



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