Champions of the Titan's Eye

S6: The Underdark Lair of Yarsin Brassjack

Yeriel the Warlord

Backdated to game time

After striking a blow against the evil Kuo-toan empire, our heroes obtained The Sky-ship from the abandoned laboratory of The Man in the Lonely Tower‘s former masters. They slowly escorted the Procanites’ ship back to harbor in Fort Jotun. Then the framed angels sailed the skies to Ithaca to briefly meet with The Enchantress. She informed the group that she would be around more often, to provide assistance when needed. Duke Alfred also learned of their presence, and requested their aid in dealing with a misunderstanding among city and nature.

Previously, the party had defeated a rogue druid who took hold of an old outpost (see S2). The Church of Fharlanghn financed a project to construct a road through Druid-claimed territory, presumably coming to an agreement with the druids. However, one of the druids killed and ate the previous construction crew.

The party found that the crew had chopped down a “sacred tree” to make room for the road, and so one of the druids had “taken proper vengeance” for the misdeed. However, it’s difficult for anyone to say what’s a sacred tree and what’s a regular tree. From the group’s conversation, it appeared that one of the druids of the Circle was just hungry and evil. Via negotiation (mostly Alithor), the hungry druid was assigned to protect a different rainforest border, as more reasonable druids of the Circle dealt with road construction in their territory.

After collecting their reward for negotiation, the group stopped to chat with The Man in the Lonely Tower. With their permission, the Elan extracted memories from Hanuman and Yarsin, letting them know more about their respective locations. The party asked some questions and performed some research regarding their new skyship and went on their way.

The group made their way to Yarsin’s point near the center of the continent. Before they entered the caves to the underdark, a Zelekhut informed the group that Harrod the Fallen was captured by the forces of Law. The fallen one had his memories “extracted,” and while the Inevitables didn’t believe his (correct) memories of innocent angels, they did believe his knowledge of the mortal form of those angels.

The Zelekhut was quickly dispatched, and the celestials made mortal made their way into the Underdark. On their way they were stopped by Dire Bears, Drow and Aberrations, but none of them provided much resistance. However, where there once was a clear path to Yarsin’s hidden item there stood a pool, a faithful kobold, and the black dragon Behelthezar.

While he was intrigued by Yarsin’s story of being dormant before the great beast even lived, the scaled one did not allow the angels through. So they pressed issue, fighting the dragon in a tough battle, defeating him with fireballs and crystal shards shortly before Alithor would perish. The kobolds that previously worshiped Behelthezar agreed to join the party for the time being and find a new master elsewhere.

The hidden host found their way to Yarsin’s main chamber, but in the way was Yeriel the Warlord and a group of (more than usually) insane Drow priestesses and crossbow-women. Alithor cleared out the Drow with fireballs while Yeriel’s battle inspiration and deft use of reach allowed him to strike true and deadly against Yarsin. Yarsin nearly died before Alithor finished off the Warlord with his remaining arcane power.

Finally Yarsin found a hammer-like object in the depths of his chamber. The Hammer of Yarsin sparked in the warforged more angelic memories, along with knowledge of a psionic component to the ritual.



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